This blog was originally intended to serve as motivation for me to gain lean muscle mass before my wedding in August 2011. As it is now past that date and I am indeed married, this blog is intended to keep me motivated with my health and fitness goals which are: Lower body fat %, by running, eating, and lifting, and preparing my body for the coming snowboard season. I am still on my Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer nutrition plan (it's definitely not a "diet". As of October 2, I weigh approx. 200 lbs which is a decent weight at 6'3" but I want to be leaner. I will update with pictures once a month. I suck at posting regularly so bear with me.
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I wanted to put up some photos of my progress, but I don’t see much of a difference. I really am going to push myself to eat clean, and train hard this year. Starting today, I’m gonna get serious. I found some pics from July 2011 that I think look impressive and I plan on doing a one year photo comparison July 2012. I want to see a huge difference!!

I did, however, notice a small difference in my stomach area in these two photos. The first one is from May last year and the second one is from today. I think I am probably a couple lbs lighter now and maybe down about 1% body fat this year as well. I really want to lower my body fat this year as well without becoming skinny.


Can you see any progress?