This blog was originally intended to serve as motivation for me to gain lean muscle mass before my wedding in August 2011. As it is now past that date and I am indeed married, this blog is intended to keep me motivated with my health and fitness goals which are: Lower body fat %, by running, eating, and lifting, and preparing my body for the coming snowboard season. I am still on my Somanabolic Muscle Maximizer nutrition plan (it's definitely not a "diet". As of October 2, I weigh approx. 200 lbs which is a decent weight at 6'3" but I want to be leaner. I will update with pictures once a month. I suck at posting regularly so bear with me.
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I find it so annoying that people care SO much about how many followers they have on their blog. So much so that they SHAMELESSLY self-promote by “promoing” a big list of other blogs to follow. I see that list and I skip it. I also dislike the blog that does the promo for doing it. Why do you care so damn much? 

I know there are a lot of people that will disagree with me and I’m gonna get a lot of hate for this rant, but whatever. If you don’t like it then block me.

Here is what a promo list should be: No RULES to “qualify” to be part of the promo. I like all kinds of different blogs. If I like em, I will promote them. 

1) thefameofhealthandfitness-  Inspirational woman full of good ideas when it comes to clean eating and achieving your goals.

2) lostweightgainedlove- This guy is awesome! He has come a long way. Running, cycling, and enjoying life.

3) killfatme- If paleo is your thing then this guy is a great person to follow. He shows all of his food prepped and ready to go. He a man of mystery, too. Intriguing.

4) thelongwalkback- This woman blogs about EVERYTHING.Always offering advice. Mainly fitblr-related stuff. Posting meals, her garden pics, and her handsome husband…

5) bigfatshoe- Derek is an important fitblr to me. He has come so far! He’s had the ups and downs we all have. Most importantly he is still going. Do your thing, Shoe!!

6) mikeywantsitall-Should be called mikeygetsitall. He is a great runblr to follow. Follow him as he starts to really reshape his body moreso than he already has.

7) powerrprincess- This girl is hilarious. She is also seriously in shape. 

8) ninefingerfitness- No, I don’t know if he only has nine fingers or what, but I know he is jacked and he’s not a fucking douchebag like a lot of big fitblrs who get on their soapbox and preach on tumblr. Crossfit is his thing.

9) fitvegan4life- This guy is really helpful if you are vegan. I am not, but I like his constant willingness to give information to people if they ask for it. 

10) thecrossfitchickauryon- Awesome crossfitter to follow. Posts about all things crossfit related and hilarious shit from her personal life. She likes bacon.

So there it is. MY promo. Not that you should care. But maybe we can start to promo people because we like their shit, not because they follow us or whatever. 

There are a tonne more blogs that I enjoy day to day and I will share them in the future.